There is a new sheriff in town: Beat Cop

We are happy to announce Beat Cop – a new game developed by Pixel Crow and published by 11 bit studios!

What is it exactly?
Beat Cop is a mixture of adventure/point&click/time-management game in retro aesthetics, which allows you to experience humorous and tense 80s police dramedy. Ever wanted to be a true copper? Now’s your chance!

Check out the teaser:


Key features:
  •  nonlinear story with multiple endings
  •  fresh, diverse mechanics
  •  true essence of 80’s atmosphere
  •  amazing retro aesthetics
  •  a pinch of humour your mom wouldn’t approve
  •  lots of donuts, coffee and pizza

Beat Cop hits the streets this fall (Q4 of 2016) and he will gladly examine contents of your PC, Mac and Linux. And if you feel that you’re a law-abiding citizen, you can already meet Beat Cop at PAX EAST 2016. Find 11 bit studios booth and play first version of the game!

Looking for more info? Read our FAQ.


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